The Big J Celebrates his 1st Father’s Day. Sort of…


Black Leather 1st Fathers Day Keyring

So today marked our 1st Father’s Day with Rei Baby. This was also the first time I have celebrated Father’s Day since 1994 and I guess I was pretty excited because I briefly considered waking The Big J and Rei Baby up at 12.01am for present time… Luckily sensibilities prevailed.

Things didn’t go quite as planned though with The Big J coming down with a 24 hour bug (well it’s dragging past the 24 hour mark now) so we didn’t go out for the fancy breakfast that we had planned. Nevertheless, the day has been a special day of celebrating for our little family unit, made even more special having The Big J’s Mum up from Brisbane (which is a 12 hour drive, but don’t worry she flew) for the weekend.

Whether it was my excitement or the lure of all-day, uncensored internet shopping, I may have gone slightly overboard with the gifts this year. But hey, you only celebrate your 1st Father’s Day once 🙂

And as expected, The Big J’s FAVOURITE gift is the DIY Father’s Day Idea photo frame that I made last week. That frame with his little Rei Baby was up on the wall within minutes of being unwrapped.

Whilst my home made gift was the winner in The Big J’s eyes, I want to mention 2 Etsy seller’s, who with enough early planning, provided me with something funny and sentimental to help make today special.

The first is Row House 14 who I ordered our Father’s Day card from reading ‘Dad thanks for putting up with my crap. Literally’ – so true with a new baby!

Row House 14 card for Dad purchased on Etsy.But my favourite item, which I ordered a month ago, is this Hand Stamped Black Leather Key Fob from Maven Metals Inc.

Maven Metals Inc Black Leather 1st Father's Day Key Fob purchased on EtsyThe Big J did score another gift or two. Yes, maybe he got a bit spoilt this year, but hey, I’ve got to set the bar high so he knows the standard for Mother’s day next year, ha haa!

Whilst I will always miss my own father, I am so grateful to have The Big J in my life not only as my hubby, but as the wonderful Dad that he is to Rei Baby. I hope that anyone else lucky enough to have a Dad to celebrate, enjoyed Father’s Day 2014 too.


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  1. Natalie Dawn

    Beautiful Dan! Great words and great gifts… Very impressed 🙂 Happy first Fathers Day to Big J.

    1. (Post author)

      Awww Natalie you’re too nice LOL. We hope that R enjoyed his day with you and the girls too 🙂

  2. Sheree

    Love you heaps…….

    1. (Post author)

      Love you too Mum x


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