The 30 Day 40% Vegetarian Challenge


The 30 Day, 40% Vegetarian Challenge - go vegetarian 3 days a week for a month. I'm doing this in September!
Part-time Vegetarian. Semi Vegetarian. Flexitarian. Vegetarian who sometimes eats meat.

I bet you didn’t even know these were a thing? Well I didn’t – I thought you were either a vegetarian or a meat eater, but apparently you can be both. Confused?

A Part-time vegetarian can either be a) A full time vegetarian who occasionally indulges in meat, or b) A meat eater who has a couple of vegetarian days each week.

Up until two years ago, I was vegetarian (full-time) and had been for twenty years, even doing a vegan stint. Since stopping my vegetarian ways I’ve experienced a wealth of different proteins (ahem meat) much of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. But, I’ve inevitably come to the realisation that being a full-time meat eater is not only non sustainable for the planet, but is also not the healthiest option for my well-being (someone’s gotten a little chubby…).

Wanting to be responsible parents who take action against chubbiness, we made the I’m-All-Grown-Up-Now (we are parents after all) step and consulted with a local dietician about our diet. Two months later, and although it’s been effective, our diet just feels ‘blah’. I honestly do not believe either The Big J, or myself, can sustain another night of steamed chicken and vegetables with brown rice. Ugh! I need variation. I need an occasional, maybe even daily, sweet treat.

What this normally means for us is we travel along really well on our set diet, then have a preservative-fuelled blow out. So I’m looking for something that is more sustainable in the long run, more a way of life rather than a strict diet.

The solution? We’re trialling going part-time vegetarian, thus the 40% Vegetarian Challenge

The Big J initially freaked and said “No I’m not doing that!” until I pointed out the number of vegetarian meals I’ve slowly been adding to our diet over the last few weeks (a good wife knows how to prepare her husband for change). Needless to say, starting September, we’ll both be doing this challenge. Aside from the 40% Vegetarian Challenge, I’ll also be exploring alternative, healthier food/dessert choices which offer everything flavour wise but aren’t packed with the unwanted preservatives. My first foray into healthier alternatives is this raw vegan Chocolate Berry Truffle Pie which can be summed up in one word -YUM!

Part of the 40% Vegetarian Challenge will be to try 1 new vegetarian recipe per week, so I’d love some suggestions on what you want to see me cook, both vegetarian and as a healthy treat.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below or join the discussion on my Facebook page.


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