road trip

Road Trip

Road Trip

Yay! Road trip, yay! Holiday, yay! Yay yay yay! Can’t wait to get there.

But first we had to get on the road. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! No early starts because someone (I’m not naming any names but it wasn’t Rei Baby or I…) left the auxiliary on in the car until the battery went flat… So we ended up leaving a little later than planned.

And this occurred only minutes after The Big J had laughingly said his family always compared their holidays to the Griswolds due to the bad luck that often plagued their adventures (I’m pretty sure this is important information that should have been disclosed prior to our wedding).

Whilst The Big J unloaded Rei Baby from the car, I contacted RACQ who were there within an hour. Sadly, we weren’t RACQ members (we just weren’t ready to commit to being THAT grown up yet) so we spent a fair chunk of our holiday budget before we even left the driveway. It turned out our battery was on the way out anyway, so I guess it’s better that it died at home than in the middle of nowhere.

The lovely guy from RACQ explained a few things about batteries to us. Apparently our I-don’t-go-to-the-beach-even-though-I-live-100-metres-from-it lifestyle is having an effect on the mechanics of our car. He told us that when we open the bonnet …

After I stopped laughing, I picked myself up and kindly let him know that we’re not those kind of people. You know, the type that opens the bonnet. My first car died because it ran out of oil (how was I supposed to know that oil was THAT important?) and I would take my second car to the mechanic to put air in the tires (at his insistence actually). So no, I’m sure it was great advice and all, but we won’t be making a bi-carb concoction to clean the engine any time soon….

Good news though – All this extra time also gave my computer the opportunity to complete that update I’ve been hitting the remind me later button on for so long. Lucky it happened really…

But the best thing about a road trip is the journey. It really is amazing how entertained one can be when confined to one position for an extended period of time. At least I had options on how to spend my time. Look out the front window or look out the side window.

The road trip itself went by rather quickly (not!). A measly 7.5 hours after leaving home we arrived at our destination in the beautiful 1770/Agnes Waters region. We’re having a long overdue family holiday to celebrate my Mum’s 60th birthday. But more on that later.

And Rei Baby was amazing! We only had to stop twice. She entertained herself by alternating sleeping with a running commentary on the journey. Ok, so most of her conversation sounded like a squeaky door in desperate need of some oil, but I’m sure if it could be translated it would go something like this:

I can see the back window. I can see the back window. I can see the back windows. I can see the back window. I can see the back window. I can see the back window.

In case you have a road trip coming up (Xmas is just around the corner – eek!) and are looking for some in-car entertainment, maybe some of my experiences will inspire you:

-a lively discussion (argument) about what a catastrophic fire danger would entail;
-koala spotting (after about 50 hours, spread over numerous road trips, I’m yet to spot one)
– my outrage when we drove past a tourist van & everyone had their camera pointed up a tree, presumably koala spotting;
– watching a plane’s contrails (condensation trails) head towards the ground & trying to memorise as many details as possible about the current moment in time, incase it crashes and I have to make a police report (c’mon, we all do this. Don’t we?);
– wondering, for the millionth time, what the pipeline, that runs adjacent to the highway north of Rockhampton, is for? Is it gas, water or sewerage?;
– thinking about the chick in the Mini Cooper in front of us. I see your frizzy hair & feel ‘ya. Commiserations;
-my great amusement at The Big J’s complaints that he’s sick of being a veggo vegan motherfucker. He hadn’t had meat for two days…

What about you? What’s your best road trip story?

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