Rei Baby Turns 4 Months Old

Rei Baby Turns 4 Months Old

Wow another month has flown by and Rei Baby is already 4 months old. That’s 1/3 of a year (I almost said 1/4 lol – is she too old for me to still claim baby brain…?) and less than two months now until our big move back south. There are also only 63 sleeps until Christmas day… Yikes!

In regards to Rei Baby’s development, the last month has been wonderful. Not only does she still sleep through the night, she now sleeps for much of the day too. I didn’t really think too much of all the talk about ‘day sleeping’ in the beginning. I thought “hey, she sleeps all night who gives a fig if she’s awake with me all day?” It turns out though, sleeping during the day has a few added bonuses that I was completely oblivious too – she feeds better (faster and less frequently), she is less grumbly and The Big J, Rei Baby and I are all getting more quality time together.

Rei Baby is quite the happy baby (lets just ignore those first 3-4 weeks where we were all new at this and things were insane!) so I feel really lucky that she hardly cries. Don’t get me wrong though, when it comes to feed time she is very demanding and does this fake little cough, like she is suffering from severe dehydration (do they all do that?) until she gets fed. For the rest of the time though she is generally a smiley, happy baby.

That’s why it came as a bit of a shock when she started crying if she was getting cuddles from someone other than Mummy or Daddy (and distressingly The Big J suffered through a couple of nights where she didn’t want any Daddy cuddles either). On a few occasions these cries escalated to outright screaming at which point Rei Baby would be quickly passed back to me, LOL. This phase does seem to be receding now though and she’s back to big smiles and cuddles for everyone. For the most part anyway.

Another very exciting development this month was when Rei Baby decided it was time to roll, front to back! Woot woot bring out the party poppers we have a roller, LOL. We were very excited, and I happened to catch one of her rolling adventures on video which we proudly shared with her Nannys. Rei Baby must have gotten bored of rolling already though, because even though she did a streak of rolls, that’s it. Not even a single roll for Daddy since (couple this with one of the nights that she only wanted Mummy and The Big J was feeling rather rejected for a moment there)…

This month has also seen the introduction of some toys (believe it or not we still haven’t bought her a single toy – these have all been gifts from others kept in the cupboard until now) and footwear. That’s right – we have shoes! Due to a ban on shopping (originally self imposed but after I faltered and went a little too far with the credit card, the ban is now being enforced by other members of the household) I was unable to buy any teeny tiny shoes and all of her other shoes were still too big. But we finally fit in to three little pairs of shoes and it is the cutest thing! You can see Rei Baby trying to eat her crocheted espadrilles in this months photo.

Sometimes I take a moment to look at my little Rei Baby and thank the universe for giving me such a precious gift. I really had no idea it was possible to love a baby any where near the amount that I love her. obviously these moments are during the day when she’s just been fed and is happy and not in the middle of the night when she’s grumbly and I’m blindly poking about in her bassinet looking for the discarded dummy.

And yes, she is still sleeping in the bassinet right by my side. I honestly don’t know if The Big J and I will ever be emotionally ready to transition her from the bassinet in our room in to a cot in her own room. They make bassinets in adult size don’t they?

Note: I just googled it and they don’t seem to. If you’re an entrepreneur this might be a good business investment 🙂

The months so far:Rei Baby Progress Posters months 1 through 4

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  1. Natalie Christophers

    Cute Dan. Great post!

    1. DanielleDanielle (Post author)

      Thanks Nat – I had a lot more to say than when she turned 3 months old it seems. Only meant for a paragraph or two but it just kept coming hehee


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