Rei Baby Turns 3 Months Old

Rei Baby's 3 month old progress poster by What Dan Did NextToday Rei Baby turned 3 months old – 48 minutes ago to be exact.

I don’t know if the last 3 months have gone by fast or slow. Those early weeks seemed to drag forever feeling like one endless day, but now, my little Rei Baby is already a quarter of a year. And all three of us have made it to this point mentally sane, healthy and happy. Wow!

Despite the fact that Rei Baby was born larger than average (4.57 kg) she’s only gained 1 kg since. That has led to some stressful moments worrying about whether or not I’m providing enough milk for her to survive.

2 weeks ago my midwife completely freaked me out advising that Rei Baby needs to be gaining about 200 g per week (which she wasn’t), and if not, it may lead to developmental issues. My crazy little mind honed in on the developmental issues comment and before you knew it, I was in tears thinking I was giving her brain damage.

Go forward a week, different midwife, and suddenly it’s ok to be only gaining 100 g per week. Grrrrrrrrrrr! All that mental angst for nothing!

Despite the added, unwanted stress, I’m still breast feeding and Rei Baby is happy and healthy. She is long and skinny yes, but she simply takes after her 6’4? lanky Daddy, The Big J. Her lankiness sure is making it difficult to find an MCN (modern cloth nappy) that won’t leak though…

The journey so far has been incredible and every day I feel blessed having Rei Baby and The Big J in my life. And no, sorry Mums, but this hasn’t changed our minds about having any more children, ha haa! Rei Baby is it

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