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Winter Lentils

Winter Lentils | www.whatdandidnext.comI love lentils so much! Red Lentil Dahl is one of my favourite go to dishes in the winter, and for me, it’s as good as mashed potato with gravy. So when the dreaded flu invaded our house I was on the hunt for an easy dinner, that would be comforting and have a boost of vitamins to help fortify our bodies against infection. For a low calorie, vitamin rich meal, it doesn’t get much better than Winter Lentils.

Winter Lentils have all the spicy warmth of a regular lentil curry but include a few extra ingredients to help fight winter colds:

  • Garlic helps fend off viruses and bacteria
  • Coriander is said to help promote sweating and break fevers
  • Turmeric is packed with antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Spinach and other dark leafy greens are a great source of Vitamin C

What’s not to love? You can add as many or as little vegetables as you like to this versatile dish. Winter Lentils are pretty much a no-fail recipe. I love eating mine with a dollop of greek yoghurt and a few papadums.

Winter Lentils |

  1. In a large pan heat the coconut oil with turmeric, coriander, garam masala, chilli and cumin.
  2. Once the spices are fragrant, add the onion and cook until slightly transparent, but be careful not to burn the ingredients.
  3. Working quickly, add the garlic, lentils, salt and diced tomatoes. Stir in 2 cups of the water and bring to the boil before adding the green beans.
  4. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer stirring occasionally. As the water reduces, add another cup to the ingredients cooking for about 30 – 35 minutes in total. Test the lentils by trying a few – if they are still crunchy they need further cooking time. Stir the baby spinach through just before serving.
  5. Serve with your favourite curry accompaniments. I like to eat greek yoghurt and papadums with my Winter Lentils.
Recipe Notes

You may need to adjust the amount of water used to cook your Winter Lentils.



Winter Lentils |

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