Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market

Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market

This morning we got up bright and early and headed down to the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market, located at Miami State High School, on the Gold Coast.

The Organic Gold Coast Farmers Markets are held every Sunday from 6:00am to 11:30am and is, (according to their Facebook page) Queensland’s only truly organic growers market.

Although the market itself is not very large, they offer a range of goods including fresh produce, herbs, eggs, breads, olive oil, and bulk nuts/flours. If it is a refreshment that you are after, then you could choose from cold pressed juices, breakfast food, spring water and organic coffee, whilst the bakery had a number of hot items on display. There is also an ATM (which is convenient because we ALWAYS forget to bring cash) but I didn’t see a toilet. Although I did glimpse a sign that said something about toilet and key.

The Big J and I, had an organic coffee (on soy milk) for $5 each. As usual, we said no to sugar, but holy fark – that coffee was strong! And I mean King Kong strong. Whilst we considered heading back to the coffee vendor, tail between our legs, and begging for a cup of sugar to be added, we manned up and drank that King Kong brew. But I doubt either of us will be getting much sleep for the next week…

We enjoyed a bit of a wander around, which being quite small, didn’t take too long. Then it was time to get our veggies and head home.

$52 at Gold Coast Organic Farmers Marker

Walking in to the veggie stall, your senses were immediately bombarded with the rich aroma of juicy, ripe fruits. I don’t know if it was due to the increasing heat, or the fact that everything was farm fresh and organic, but this is not an experience that you ever get when shopping at one of the big chain supermarkets. Not me anyway. I’m not a huge fruit eater, but suddenly I envisioned myself buying an array of stone fruits, sinking down into the grass under a tree, and savouring each  mouthful. In my mind, I was having an Anne of Green Gables moment.

But then I got bustled by one of the many market goers and stepped back in to reality.

I didn’t need a lot of veggies or fruit, which is lucky, because shopping at the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market is not the most economical option. The items pictured above, came to a total price of $52, and I did spot a dozen certified organic eggs for the grand price of $7.95. For comparison, I checked out the same (non-organic) items at Woolworths online, and that came out at almost half the cost – $27.50.

Yes, I know eating organic foods are better for you, and that I shouldn’t put a price on my family’s health, but in this case, I’m going to choose non-organic over the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market. If I shopped at this market for all of my fresh fruit and veggies, I doubt I would be able to afford the wide variety that we currently eat.

And as The Big J put it:

“These veggies better taste more delicious than anything I’ve

EVER eaten and convert me to being a vegetarian…”

Not one for the dramatics is he?

So for me, the Gold Coast Organic Farmers Markets were a nice market to visit as a one-off, but they won’t be my regular market – they’re just a little too far out of my budget.

If you’d like more information about the Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market, you can check out their website here.

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