Little Miss Gift Guide

Little Miss Gift Guide


After my recent insight in to what it is that I don’t like about Barbie, I started thinking about what type of gifts you can buy that are plastic free. So here is my #SayNoToPlastic Little Miss gift guide.

And because I heart all things handmade or designed by Australian artisans, I have included as many locally sourced, handmade items as I could. There is a toy camera from Utah and a sneaky Country Road cushion that were just too cute to go past though…

Here it is. My Top 10, plastic free, Little Miss Gift Guide ideas.

  1. HONEYCUP A3 Little French Bear With a Mint Striped Dress and Pink Balloon – $36
  2. FELIZ Fluro Pink White Cotton Cot Fitted Sheet – $49
  3. LOLAS COTTON HOUSE A3 I love you to the MOON Wall Art Print – $24
  4. LITTLE PIE STREET Lucky Boy Sunday Beauty Baby – $149.95
  5. LITTLE BOO-TEEK Broken Tricycle Bib & Bracers in Melon – $49.95
  6. TINYPEOPLE Kiko+ Kuruma in Pink – $30
  7. TWIG CREATIVE Poppy Pixie Wooden Toy Camera – $48.23
  8. COUNTRY ROAD Janie Cushion – $59.95
  9. LIL AUSSIE SHOE CO Pink Leather Baby Shoes – $41
  10. SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS Pink Ribbon Wonder Heights – $299

Wow I had so much fun shopping vicariously via the internet. I think I might do a gift guide for the Little Sirs in our lives next…

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