Birth Announcements… finally!

Ok, so it took me a little (read a lot) longer than I thought it would to send out birth announcements. By now everyone already knows that we had a baby girl, named her Rei and that she was bigger than average. Plus they’ve either seen photos of her on Facebook or I’ve sent them via message.

At this point, is it even worth the bother to send them?

ABSOLUTELY! Hey, this is where I get to use my artistic juices and create. Woot woot – don’t try and stop me (Big J the hubby may have mentioned that it was pointless at this stage but I believe he retracted that statement rather quickly with just one look). Now the hard part, actually deciding on the design.

As you can imagine, I had soooooo very much inspiration (thank  you Pinterest) for birth announcements, sitting down and picking one was next to impossible. So I tried a few different designs and went with the one that worked best for me.

In the end, it was a chalk board design that worked and I fell in love with. What do you think?

I used Vistaprint and had them printed up as post cards. On the reverse I wrote out a thank you for the gifts and support to all of our wonderful friends and family. I also had an additional 10 magnets printed with the same image for immediate family members – now they’ll ALWAYS know when her birthday is he hee.

Because I had the reverse side printed in the same chalkboard look, I did a bit of research for the best pens to use. I ended up using the Uni-ball Signo Broad pens which I ordered from Office Works in white. I needed 3 pens to complete my 50 post cards.

Birth Announcement 1 Reverse

The total price was $108.41 which included $53.95 for printing, $19.46 for pens (I bought 2 packs of 2) and $35 on postage stamps.

And I finally had them mailed out when bub turned eight weeks. Late yes, but I don’t care. I did it because I’m a proud, creative Mum who wants to spread the joy 🙂

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