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Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did NextShortly after Rei Baby was born we were visiting a midwife who asked us what type of wipes we were using on our newborn’s sensitive skin (we were using shop-bought wipes for sensitive skin). The midwife then enlightened us to the fact that those were unnecessary and probably not the best for Rei Baby’s skin. Ever since then we’ve been using chux wipes with warm water and disposing of the wipes after use. Although I did buy a few bamboo wipes, at 3 for $12 they are a bit impractical for this frantically-saving-for-the-big-move family. But I finally got my overlocker (woot woot it is amazing! Thank-you Big J) and my first project has been to make these homemade cloth baby wipes.

If you are using disposable wet wipes and are considering changing to cloth, you may find the information in this article very interesting. While there is quite a bit of conflicting information regarding the use of baby wipes, I’m already a bit wary of the over-use of chemicals in our lives, so I prefer to use a homemade cloth baby wipe to store bought. But that is a personal choice.


Alright, so they look pretty boring and they really are just used to clean the sh*t off a baby’s butt, but we needed them and homemade cloth baby wipes were such a simple project to refresh my overlocking skills on. After all, it’s been well over a decade since I last used an overlocker.

I happened to have about 1/2 metre of cream flannelette in my fabric box which I used to make 26 homemade cloth baby wipes. The whole lot, from start to finish, was completed in under two hours – and this included a quick overlocker refresher, phone calls, text messages and a brief period where I was sidetracked by social media (Rei Baby was down for her lunch sleep so I made the most of my time). I think you could use a variety of fabrics for this project including towelling, flannel, bamboo and cotton.

I made my square 20 x 20 cm (feel free to use the template at the bottom of the post). I did curve the corners using the overlocker, but to save time, I just did that on the run rather than shaping each corner.

Start by cutting your fabric in to 20 cm squares. In the interest of saving time, I simple cut notches every 20 cm (using the template as a guide) and tore my fabric in to strips.

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did Next

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did Next

Make a big pile of squares because you are going to use a lot of wipes!

We wash our MCNs (modern cloth nappies) every 2nd day but have enough spare to get us through a couple of days of bad weather. Hopefully the 29 homemade cloth baby wipes will be enough for now too.

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did NextUsing an overlocker, stitch around the outer edge of your square. I found it worked best if I started just before a corner and finished on the corner. Overlock in one continuous seam, turning your fabric at the corners to create a curved edge. You can refer to the guides on the template at the bottom of the post if you like.

Check out my new overlocker – isn’t it awesome!

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did Next

Finish on the corner and trim your threads with enough left to knot them.

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did Next

And that is it! How easy was that?

Even though I had pre-washed my fabric, just to be safe I gave my homemade baby cloth wipes another wash using the same detergent that I use on the MCNs and Rei Baby’s clothes.

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did Next

For my first project using my new overlocker, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Sure the homemade baby cloth wipes aren’t all symmetrical, but somehow I don’t think Rei Baby’s butt is going to care…

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes by What Dan Did NextHow fab would these look in a printed flannel or with contrasting stitching? I don’t have any other flannel or cottons at the moment, but after the big move I think I’ll def be investing in some lovely overlocking cottons.

If you are looking for the template, here it is. Simply click on the image and when it opens in a new window, select print. It is designed to print on to an A4 piece of paper.Homemade Baby Cloth Wipe PDF Template by What Dan Did Next

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