Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays love Dan

You probably know that right now I’m in the middle of a MASSIVE 1200km relocation from Mackay, to our new home on the Gold Coast. As a result, life has been a little cray cray. Throw in a funeral, wedding, 4 insurance claims (bloody Mackay drivers), an ombudsman complaint and a small baby – everything is chaos! Happy holidays….

This morning feels like the first time in the last month that I can just sit here and relax. So time for an update!

Currently, we’re staying with The Big J’s parents for a fortnight (they are so wonderful) whilst we are in-between homes. Technically, we are still paying rent up in Mackay until 27 January, but we were SUPER keen to get out of Mackay ASAP. In fact, we were so eager to leave, that we were driving down the street and out of Mackay, before the Removalists had even gotten into their truck.

We arrived in Brisbane after a super long day (13.5 hours in a car with a baby is a bloody long day, trust me) and jumped straight into the Christmas frantics. But now it’s Boxing Day (well the day after by the time I’m actually posting this) and I have 10 whole days until we get the keys to the new place and start the mad unpack. In the mean time, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the happy holidays!

We had a great Chrissy yesterday, spending some unhurried time with family, and of course it was our 1st Christmas with Rei Baby. And The Big J got a Rei Baby Roll which he was desperate for.

You see, it all started a couple of months ago when Rei Baby decided to start rolling from front-back for me. I would have said it was a fluke except she did it again and again. I was so excited I snapped a video and sent it off to a The Big J at work. When he got home that night, he was so excited to see her roll, but she didn’t. And what’s more is, she’s completely refused to roll ever since!

Yesterday she did it! I think the extensive encouragement of my sister & nephews repeatedly scrunching a Doritos bag, just out of her reach, was the push that finally toppled her over (back-front this time). Rei Baby does like to eat, and I suppose in a way, it’s good to know early on what motivates your child. But don’t freak out, we didn’t let her eat any Doritos, just grab at the bag a few times.

As a result, The Big J got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He has been fervently encouraging her to roll for months now, so what a beautiful gift to give him. For me, The Big J got me a last minute gift. Remember that 2015 Design Love Planner I’d been eyeing off a while back? Well The Big J got it for me (pure love!) and Loni from Adore Magazine was so lovely, letting us collect it in person.

Oh, and as for Rei Baby? Well it turns out Santa did manage to track her down and gave her a Jolly Jumper for her first Christmas. By the merry look on her face as she dances around like a Marionette Puppet, I’d say she loves it!

While it will still be a few more weeks before I’m set up and once again able to cook & craft, I will take time out to keep you updated on musing from my life.

Happy Holidays!!!

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