“You need to grab your dream out of the sky like it’s a kite and pinch the string through your fingers until you reach the spool”

 Augusten Burroughs

This month I’m participating in Fat Mum Slim’s FMS Photo A Day and todays prompt is the letter D, so I chose the theme ‘dream’ (you can check out my other photos on Instagram).

Augusten Burroughs’ quote rings so true for me at the moment as I spend each day working towards becoming a work at home Mum – a dream that still feels so distant. Some days it feels not only impossible, but also utterly impractical.

I could choose to chill out and just relax on each day of my remaining nine months maternity leave, or, I can strive towards that far off dream.

Each of us have arrived where we are in life as a cumulation of the choices we’ve made up until this moment in time. And right now I’m actively choosing the future I want.

I choose to dream…

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