DIY Father's Day Gifts Under $30

DIY Father’s Day Idea (under $30)

Now I’m not a professional, or even weekend photographer/photo editor – I’m just a SAHM who wanted to make something special yet economical for The Big J’s 1st Father’s Day (Australian Father’s Day is Sunday 7 September). So be kind and don’t judge my skills too harshly.

DIY Father's Day gift idea under $30 - Hubby will LOVE this!

If your partner is anything like The Big J who was ridiculously excited to get a smudged, Rei Baby footprint stamped onto his birthday card, then here’s a DIY project for you. I’ve included the process I followed so you can make one too. (Note, the cost of this project is based upon you having most of the materials on hand but may vary according to what you already have in your craft box.)  The materials I used were:

  • D and A cardboard letters (the A is actually a modified V because my local Spotlight was sold out)
  • Fabric to lay Rei Baby on
  • White Acrylic non-toxic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Camera
  • Inkjet printer
  • 3 pieces of A4 Inkjet photo paper
  • Photoframe
  • Cute baby

Using a non-toxic (incase bub puts them in her mouth) acrylic, paint your letters. I gave mine two coats and allowed them to dry over night before doing the photo shoot. Wait until your bub is in a good mood, then lay them on the fabric with the letters. Take as many photos as you need to get a good shot – I took about 20 photos with each letter and chose my favourite. I highly recommend ironing your fabric backdrop first to remove wrinkles which may ruin the photos. When photographing the D, I moved the letter around a few times to get that point of difference between the first and last D.

I did edit my photos in photoshop to get a vintage vibe, but you can use any editing program for this. The frame I purchased fits photos that are 5 x 7 inches. I printed the photos on the inkjet photo paper, alternatively you can have them printed at your local photo printing store, then cut them out and pop them into the frame.

Here is a pic of the finished project in the frame (sorry it didn’t photograph too well):

DIY Father's Day Project

All up I spent $27.75 on this project because all I had to buy was the frame, photo paper and the cardboard letters.

And you may recognise the baby bloomers under Rei Baby’s dress from an earlier post – yes, another pair that I whipped up so she wouldn’t flash the world

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