DIY Fabric Garland


DIY Fabric GarlandOh I had so much fun today making yet another scrap-fabric, handmade item. Today’s project was this DIY Fabric Garland for Rei Baby’s room. What do you think?

Like many people, I love projects which follow 2 simple rules:

  1. Can be made in under an hour
  2. Can be made without forking out $s for materials

Most of the fabric used in this garland came from my scrap fabric bag, but I also made the most of some remnants which had been lurking around the bottom of my fabric box for some time.


  • 80 strips of fabric approximately 55 x 3 cm
  • Piece of rope 2 metres in length
  • Scissors

When choosing your fabric try to limit your colour palette to about 3 colours. I have used coral, champagne and grey. Feel free to use as many fabrics with differing patterns and textures (I love the strips of champagne satin & tulle mixed amongst the cottons) in your chosen colour scheme.

If you need to cut the fabric to size, and the fabric allows it, torn rather than cut edges will achieve a more interesting look.

I allowed 30 cm free at each end of the rope to allow for hanging.

Because I knew that I would try to create a pattern with the fabric strips, something that I felt would detach from the finished look I wished to achieve via random placement of the strips, I jumbled all of the strips together in a big pile and used whatever landed in my hand when I reached out. You may wish to be more methodical in your approach, but for me, I was aiming for a rawer finish.

You can also see that there is a fair amount of variation in the widths and lengths of my strips. This is mostly because I was trying to use up scrap fabrics (which come in all shapes and sizes) but also to continue with that raw theme.

DIY Fabric Garland2

To attach your fabric strips to the rope, start by folding one strip in half and placing it under the rope. Pull the looped end over the rope then feed the two loose ends through the loop. Pull tight. Repeat this process and slide each new strip across so that it butts up against the previous strip.

DIY Fabric Garland1Every 30 centimetres or so, pause and assess the progress of your layout. You may wish to make some adjustments if you find that too much of one fabric/colour is falling together in a particular area. Continue on until you have used up all of your strips.

When hanging on the wall, don’t assume that it needs to be hung on a horizontal balance. I have hung mine over Rei Baby’s cot (yes we will let her sleep in her own room one day lol) with the right side sloping towards the ceiling. Once we have relocated, I think this will make a really nice feature crisscrossed with some bunting. Hmmm, I might need to make some alternate garlands for some real impact.

I think the possibilities are endless for this. It is so much faster than making bunting (of which I have made an indescribable amount of in the past) and could be used not only in decorating rooms, but would be great for parties and weddings too. What would you use this fabric garland for?IMG_1282


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