DIY Embroidery Hoop Art


DIY Abstract Style Hoop Embroidery Using ScrapsI’ve had these embroidery hoops sitting in my craft box for a few months now and decided it was finally time to go ahead and use them, and add another point of interest on to the walls in Rei Baby’s room. I had always intended on creating some Embroidery Hoop Art. I also particularly wanted to create this in a freeform abstract style, which I think lends itself to the whimsical theme I am creating for Rei Baby. I chose to make a set of 3 hoops because I prefer the offset, aesthetic feel 3 creates.

And did I mention that these took less than 30 minutes each to make? No? How cool is that?

These were soooooo cheap to make too. Because I used scrap fabrics I only had to buy the embroidery hoops which I think were about $2 each from Spotlight.

The other thing that I love about this style is it embraces any mistakes you make. It LOVES mistakes! In fact, my favourite parts are the unintentional mistakes:

  • The sunbeams that I underestimated length wise and don’t quite reach the hoop
  • The difference between each of the birds feet
  • That bend in the string on the mint balloon (for me, that slight bend has made the heart balloons my favourite of the three).

DIY Hoop Embroidery Art loves mistakes

Is it just me, or is embracing mistakes cool?


  • Sewing machine (you can stitch by hand if you like)
  • Contrasting thread
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Plain piece of fabric slightly larger than the hoop (I used flannelette)
  • Scrap pieces of fabric that you can cut some shapes from
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Imagination

DIY Hoop Embroidery Art Materials

Start by laying out your background fabric. Lay your scraps out on top and using a pencil (on the reverse side) mark where you need to trim the fabric. Cut your shape from the fabric.

DIY Hoop Embroidery Art Steps 1 and 2

Pin the scrap fabric pieces into place then sew using a sewing machine (or by hand). I prefer to use black as it contrasts well against my light background but you can use any colour you like. Start by sewing around the fabric shape, then freehand any additional details. When free-handing curves, I often stitch one stitch at  a time, adjusting the fabric as I go.

DIY Hoop Embroidery Art Steps 3 and 4

Once you are finished stitching, remove the fabric and trim any loose threads before popping your embroidered piece back in to the embroidery hoop. Tighten the hoop and adjust the fabric, by pulling at the edges to remove any slack, as you go.

DIY Hoop Embroidery Art Steps 5 and 6

Next you need to turn the hoop over and trim the excess fabric as close to the hoop as you can. I found that I achieved a closer trim by using a smaller pair of scissors.

DIY Hoop Embroidery Art Step 7 copy

And there you have it – your very own Hoop Embroidery Art.DIY Hoop Embroidery Art finished

Why not make a couple more and pop them on the wall as a set?DIY Hoop Embroidery Art Set of 3

Now it’s time to have some fun deciding on the best layout to arrange them on the wall.


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