Did Selena Gomez Just Get Body Shamed For This Bikini Photo?!

Did I just get body shamed?

UNDIESLast week I bought some new undies (c’mon, we all need them). When I got them home, washed them and tried them on, there was something not quite right about my new knickers. So I decided to politely write an email with some feedback to the company. What I got in response from their Customer Service team, made me feel a little off, not what I expected from a Customer Service Representative of a company specialising in women’s underwear for all sizes. I couldn’t help but wonder – did I just get body shamed?

It all started when I tried on my new no show undies. I thought, hey no show – woot woot! I really hate undies digging in and try to minimise this occurrence as much as possible, so these knickers sounded perfect. I came home, washed them (because eww!) and tried them on the next day. But they were terrible! The problem seems to be in the fabric’s stretch – they only stretch across, not up and down. Seriously, how are you supposed to have no show undies when they only stretch in one freaking direction??? I mean the label boasts stretch cotton elastane for superior stretch.

So I decided to write the company an email with some politely worded (well I thought it was anyway) feedback. Because what the actual heck are you supposed to do with undies that have had the tags removed, washed and tried on? Throw them straight in the bin? It’s not like you can go and ask for a refund (can you?)…

What do you think – do I sound narky?

Hi – Last week I was browsing underwear at *** and saw your *** comfy undies. As someone who hates VPL and undies that dig in, I was excited to try this product. But I hate them! They are possibly the worst pair of undies I’ve ever purchased! The issue seems to be with the fabric, which only stretches one way (across). I don’t know how undies are supposed to fit comfortably, and without digging in, if they only stretch one way. Due to their limited stretchability, these undies definitely become rather visible when worn. I doubt I even left them on for an hour before removing them. So annoying! Thought you might like the feedback.

When on, these undies dug in so much more than any other pair of knickers I own.

Well I got a response from the company, and for the most part, it was just what I expected. And was happy with – I wasn’t asking for a refund on used undies after all, just offering feedback. This is what they had to say:

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We are sorry to hear that the item you purchased has not performance to your preference. We are always striving to provide our customers with the highest standards in quality and appreciate your comments to help us get there. You may have some better luck trying a larger size but we can understand that not all of our underwear will be suitable for all of our customers. We will definitely pass on your feedback accordingly to ensure any issues are assessed. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything further.

Better luck trying a larger size…

How small does my arse have to be, that it doesn’t matter if my undies only stretch one way? No seriously, do you have a magical arse that only requires one-way-stretch undies? If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

I have to admit, commenting that I should try a larger size made me feel a little affronted. Like, damn, I’ve been buying undies too small, who am I trying to kid? But as I thought about it more and more, I realised that I own a lot of this companies undies and they are all the same size. EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE. AND THEIR UNDIES TAKE UP 2/3 OF THE UNDIES IN MY KNICKER DRAWER.

Plus let’s not forget that I’ve been working out, eating well and losing some kgs. But then I thought, maybe that’s the problem. Too many squats may have turned me into a possible long lost Kardashian sister. So I did a quick check in the mirror, and it’s safe to say, I won’t be joining Keeping Up With The Kardashians any time soon.

What do you think – is it ok for companies to suggest larger sizes without knowing anything about their customer’s size, shape or body? I personally felt it was a bit presumptuous to suggest it, especially considering this is a household brand known for providing underwear to families of all shapes and sizes. However innocent their reason, I certainly felt a moment of body shame, imagining my arse was mutton dressed up as lamb.

Not cool, not cool…

The Big J however, oh he thought it was hilarious.

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