Day trip to Byron Bay

Day trip to Byron Bay | Dan's 1st Mother's Day | www.whatdandidnext.comOn the weekend I had my first Mother’s Day (I may have mentioned it once or twice?), so our little family took a day trip to Byron Bay.

As a result of this trip, I learnt something very important. Possibly life changing. Probably… Byron Bay is only a 45 minute drive from our place. Eer-mer-gaahhhhhddd! So Byron is not in fact a day trip, but more like a short drive. I mean, it’s closer than Brisbane.

My mind was blown!

Once I got over this excitement, I was able to concentrate on what was a beautiful day. There was much that I wanted to do, and much that we couldn’t do because everywhere was SO BUSY. But it didn’t matter, because like I said, it’s just a short stroll down the highway. So we can go again and again and again. And probably again.

Although I wanted to visit The Farm, their special Mother’s Day lunch came in at over $100pp, so we decided to give it a skip this time. We were going to pop in for a stroll around the farm and a coffee, but considering we (accidentally) drove past the entrance three times, and there were cars everywhere, I think we’ll go back on a quieter day.

So we headed in to town and stopped at the Twisted Sista Cafe for a bite to eat. The Big J had a Big Breakfast whilst I had a delicious Pumpkin & Ricotta Pie, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Though somebody did bring a whingeing baby to the cafe, which kept interrupting my meal. Oh wait, it was me…

Day trip to Byron Bay | Dan's 1st Mother's Day |

We then took a wander through town, to the park (where Rei Baby enjoyed a swing) and off to the beach. Byron Bay is such a pleasant town to walk around, with cars stopping to give way to pedestrians and that ‘Byron‘ vibe. I love it!

After our stroll we took a drive up to the Lighthouse for a look around. Parking at the Lighthouse is $7/car and there are a few locations to park. If you can find a park! I think due to it being both the weekend and Mother’s Day everything was just so busy – we couldn’t find a park, but I did snap this blurry pic from the car window as we drove through the carpark 🙂

Day trip to Byron Bay | Dan's 1st Mother's Day |

After our drive through the Lighthouse carpark we considered heading off to the Channon Markets, but by this time it was almost 2 pm, so a bit late in the day. We did take a drive up to the Crystal Castle at Mullumbimby, but wouldn’t you know it, Rei Baby finally fell asleep for her afternoon nap about 10 minutes before we got there.

So other than my immense excitement that Byron Bay (and all of it’s surrounding glory) is so close, we also have a list of things that we tried to do, but couldn’t for one reason or another. I didn’t mind though – I just loved being out and about for the day.

On the way home we took a rather scenic, butt clenching drive through some back roads to Humble Pie. Seriously, that road was so narrow and pitted with pot holes, and all of the oncoming traffic flew around the corners without a worry for the scared Queenslanders heading in the other direction. Lucky Rei Baby was asleep, because there were a few (non) choice words thrown around the car that afternoon… After what felt like for ever (but was probably only about 10 minutes), we did arrive safely and I managed to get my Curry Lentil Pie, which I enjoyed for dinner that night. So yum!

Day trip to Byron Bay | Dan's 1st Mother's Day | www.whatdandidnext.comI can’t wait for my next adventure to Byron Bay. I’m also looking forward to visiting a few more of the local Northern New South Wales towns that I loved back in my uni days, but have not been to since.

So many things to do and see…

If anyone has any hidden gems to explore on the Gold Coast or it’s surrounds, I’d love to hear about them for our next adventure.


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  1. Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    I grew up in Byron and had to giggle, there is certainly a Byron vibe and no traffic rules there. Yes its only 45 mins away, fabulous isn’t it?!So much to see and do, but its ALWAYS busy. There is never a quiet time to go! Lots of great markets, shops, cafes. Byron seriously has the best food!Next time strap bubba on and walk the lighthouse. It is the most easterly point of Aus mainland and is seriously special. Park at Wategos Beach and walk from there. Mullumbimby is a cute hippie town still just north of byron. You may have passed through on your way from the castle to the fabulous Humble Pies?If you want to go on a local trip – go to Currumbin Rock pools, then loop up Mt Tomewin rd hrough to The Natural arch and come home via Springwood. Such a pretty spot and drive at this time of the year! There is so much to see and do around here, we are very spoilt for choice! x

    1. DanielleDanielle (Post author)

      Hi Ashlea! I think we will try walking up to the lighthouse next time – and you know there will be a next time! Ha haa 🙂 We did take a drive through Mullumbimby and it really was cute and quaint. Can’t wait to explore a bit more of northern NSW in the near future. Thanks for the tip about Currumbin Rock Pools and the Natural arch. We’ve been meaning to drive up there but I just hadn’t figured out the best way yet. Now I know! Dan x


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