Byron Bay Day Trip from the Gold Coast

Day trip to Byron Bay

Day trip to Byron Bay | Dan's 1st Mother's Day | www.whatdandidnext.comOn the weekend I had my first Mother’s Day (I may have mentioned it once or twice?), so our little family took a day trip to Byron Bay.

As a result of this trip, I learnt something very important. Possibly life changing. Probably… Byron Bay is only a 45 minute drive from our place. Eer-mer-gaahhhhhddd! So Byron is not in fact a day trip, but more like a short drive. I mean, it’s closer than Brisbane.

My mind was blown!

Once I got over this excitement, I was able to concentrate on what was a beautiful day. There was much that I wanted to do, and much that we couldn’t do because everywhere was SO BUSY. But it didn’t matter, because like I said, it’s just a short stroll down the highway. So we can go again and again and again. And probably again.

Although I wanted to visit The Farm, their special Mother’s Day lunch came in at over $100pp, so we decided to give it a skip this time. We were going to pop in for a stroll around the farm and a coffee, but considering we (accidentally) drove past the entrance three times, and there were cars everywhere, I think we’ll go back on a quieter day.

So we headed in to town and stopped at the Twisted Sista Cafe for a bite to eat. The Big J had a Big Breakfast whilst I had a delicious Pumpkin & Ricotta Pie, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Though somebody did bring a whingeing baby to the cafe, which kept interrupting my meal. Oh wait, it was me…

Day trip to Byron Bay | Dan's 1st Mother's Day |

We then took a wander through town, to the park (where Rei Baby enjoyed a swing) and off to the beach. Byron Bay is such a pleasant town to walk around, with cars stopping to give way to pedestrians and that ‘Byron‘ vibe. I love it!

After our stroll we took a drive up to the Lighthouse for a look around. Parking at the Lighthouse is $7/car and there are a few locations to park. If you can find a park! I think due to it being both the weekend and Mother’s Day everything was just so busy – we couldn’t find a park, but I did snap this blurry pic from the car window as we drove through the carpark

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