Face mask (cucumber and honey for glowing skin)

Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber Face MaskI’ve been wanting to have a ‘spa day’ for a while now, but being on a pre-big-move budget, it’s not really feasible. So I thought, why not use some of the ingredients that I already have in the fridge/pantry and take a little time to have a DIY spa day? And I’m so glad that I did because today I made this cucumber face mask and it was divine! I loved the cooling nature of the cucumber (plus I got interrupted and had to pop mine in the fridge for a bit which was so refreshing on a warm day) and the appearance of my pores has improved too. Win!

Making and using this cucumber face mask is very simple. Just 3 ingredients that most people stock in the fridge/pantry, and blend them together. Then simply apply, kick back and relax while the cucumber face mask goes to work on your skin.

Plus, the ingredients make enough of the cucumber face mask for 2-3 people, perfect for a pamper party.


Facial masks have been used in beauty regimes around the world for thousands of years. Even Cleopatra is reported to have been a big user of face masks as part of her regular routine.

CUCUMBER – used to hydrate and soften the skin whilst providing a cool, soothing sensation. Cucumbers also have the same PH balance as skin so are a great natural balancer. A couple of slices of cucumber over your eyes isn’t all for show either, as the natural properties in cucumber will help improve the appearance of tired, puffy eyes. You’ll notice that many soothing face/body lotions use cucumber.

OATMEAL – not only calms the skin and reduces pore size but is also hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. When used with hydrating ingredients (like cucumber), oatmeal will help retain moisture for that ‘dewy’ appearance. It also makes a gentle exfoliator that won’t damage the skin. Oatmeal is often used in products targeted at sensitive skin or for eczema sufferers.

YOGHURT – the lactic acid in yoghurt helps to smooth rough, dry skin whilst dissolving dead skin and reducing enlarged pores. Yoghurt also makes a fantastic skin mask when used by itself.

  • 2-3 TBS OATS

Using a mini processor, blend the cucumber and yoghurt in to a paste. Add the oats, one tablespoon at a time, and blend until you reach a consistency thick enough that the cucumber face mask won’t run off your face. The amount of oats will vary depending on the size/juiciest of your cucumber and the consistency of your yoghurt. I used the entire 3 tablespoons of oats in my mask.

Cucumber Face Mask

Apply the cucumber face mask in a thick paste to your face avoiding the eyes, mouth and hairline (I was washing my hair though so wasn’t too careful around the hair-line).

The mask needs 10-20 minutes to be most effective, so why not chill out with a couple of slices of cucumber on your eyes?

To remove, simply add some warm water and massage the cucumber face mask using a circular motion (this will ensure you get the maximum benefits of the oatmeal exfoliator). Rinse the remainder off with warm water.

My skin feels amazing after this mask and I really enjoyed taking a short but relaxing spa break for myself.

I’ve stored the remainder of my cucumber face mask in the fridge and it should be good for about 3-4 days.

Cucumber Face Mask Are masks part of your beauty routine or, are you like me and use them as an indulgence when you get the chance?

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