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The Castle

Our New Home

I know it’s been a while, but I’m finally back, ready to get my blog on. So ok, I haven’t quite finished unpacking yet, but meh. Unpacking pretty much sucks budgie’s nuts and I’m over it. Besides, we’ve relocated and I want to start enjoying my new location, our new home, or, as I prefer to call it – the castle.

Why the castle? Hmm… Well I guess it’s because when I think of our new home, I can’t help but think of the Kerrigan’s home at Coolaroo in that Australian classic – The Castle.

Not sure what I’m talking about, then check out this clip:

Got any clues yet?

Like the Kerrigan’s of Coolaroo, we just might have moved a wee bit closer to the airport then intended. How close? Pretty dang close! Alright, alright – it’s not as close as in The Castle, but close enough for us.

In fact, if you watch closely, you’ll probably be able to spot the plane in this little video I shot, out in the back yard this morning:

Did you see it?

Couldn’t really miss it could you?

I actually don’t mind the planes too much – you get used to it. The Big J however, is taking his time to buy in to our new home and doesn’t think living your life, as an extra in The Castle, is too funny at all. The Big J thinks that we (or more specifically I, because I did the inspection and arranged everything) got a dud.

I don’t care, because the house is looooovely! Nothing fancy, just a simple 3 bedroom rectangular box with a patch of grass out the back, but I loooooves it!

Compared to the last place (ahem, dump) that we lived in, this really is a castle. There’s lots of lovely, natural light filtering through, grass actually grows in the yard, no rotting holes in the walls (I hear you – ewww!), and if I was pregnant (which I most certainly AM NOT), there’s plenty of room to spin in the kitchen without breaking shit. Love LOVE LOVE!

And it has solar electricity (ok so did the last place), but it also has a studio in the backyard. That’s right, a freaking STUDIO with soon-to-be (hopefully anyway) electricity. Winning!

Really, the only issue I have with the new place is the letterbox. That thing is as a vortex-of-scary-crawly-things if I’ve ever seen one! Thus far, I have flat out refused to check the mail, so The Big J brings it in now. He may only be doing it on a weekly basis, but I don’t mind. Because there is no way that I am going armpit deep, in a black-hole of hell, to retrieve bills and product disclosure notices that I don’t even want in the first place. Madonna will tour Australia before that happens.

Rei Baby of course, is being her usual dreamy self, sleeping through the planes and this crazy hot heat. Sheesh, did we bring the humidity down from the north or what?

She may have spent her first day crying and screaming, which is very uncharacteristic for Rei Baby. But it may have been more due to the fact that I was having a minor break down because the felafel-ing movers lost our stuff. Yep. LOST OUR STUFF! Picked it up, moved it, then lost it and had no record of ever collecting or storing it.

We got it eventually, but not until after I’d spent many hysterical hours on the phone, f-bombs flying everywhere (the new neighbours must have been cringing about the bogans that had just moved in…), demanding it be found and delivered that day. And it did. The movers left just after 11pm, closely supervised by a torch-brandishing, nosy resident from across the street. I was so happy that they found our things and delivered it, that I almost didn’t care that they snapped the base off our TV and ruined the screen. But don’t worry. The Big J was there to make sure I definitely did care. Still waiting on our replacement – I’m sure it’s coming though…

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the castle. And continue to sing out “in-coming” every time a plane approaches. So what if the whole yard lights up and the house gets a slight shake to it as the planes fly over? It’s probably the closest that I’m ever going to get to a UFO encounter, so I better make the most of it, as we won’t be here forever.

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