Beachside Adventures

Beachside Adventures: It’s outside!

Rei Baby and The Big J : Beachside Adventures | www.whatdandidnext.comToday we took Rei Baby down to the beach. Rei Baby loves the beach and everything outdoors, which is great. The Big J and I just have to catch up with her enthusiasm. We’re not really one for the beach, or going outside for that matter, but we are trying to make positive changes that will have healthy influences on Rei Baby’s life. Living on the Gold Coast sure is making our beachside adventures a lot easier – what a beautiful part of the world we live in!

So it’s a great thing that Rei Baby expresses such amazing joy when exploring the outdoors. That joy is infectious! There is nothing sweeter than your tiny little human exploring the world and learning things for the very first time. The squeals of delight as her toes dip into the rushing water, the giggles when Daddy swings her up into the air. But my favourite of all, are those tender moments between a little girl and her Daddy. Look at those snuggles…

Although Rei Baby has been to the beach before, today was the very first time that she didn’t eat any sand. Oh. My. God! We could actually hang out, play (and take photos) without the constant cries of “Don’t eat that!” or “What have you got in your mouth?”. I swear, parenthood is 78% of your time spent stopping your child from eating anything and everything off the ground. Even when you’ve just swept.

But back to our beachside adventures, we must do this more…

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