Baby Bloomers


Baby Bloomers

I am in LOVE with these baby bloomers (with free pattern) by See Kate Sew. I love them so much that I’ve already whipped up 4 pairs for Rei Baby in the past 24 hours…

See Kate Sew provides the tutorial and link to the free pattern on Craftsy. No matter your sewing experience, this pattern is suited to you. The design is simple and easy to follow, and because you are adding elastic to the waist and legs, the finished product won’t be affected by a little mistake or two.

When it came to the length required for the waist and leg elastic, I simply wrapped a piece of elastic around Rei Baby’s waist and cut it to size. I then halved that length and cut two pieces for the legs (I made the medium size and used 40cm for the waist and 2 x 20cm for the legs but Rei Baby is long and skinny).

All of the fabric that I’ve used here is cotton and from Spotlight. I’m going to try a pair in silk too because Rei Baby is going to her first 21st birthday party next month (this kid is UNBELIEVABLY popular he hee).

MCN (Modern Cloth  Nappy) user? This pattern has plenty of room to fit over those bulky MCNs too.

If you’re an avid, or even mildly interested sewer, and you haven’t already checked out See Kate Sew’s website, you must! She is one talented lady.

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