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Atomic Wedgie

Atomic Wedgie |

Don’t let her innocent face fool you. Occasionally, Rei Baby can be an absolute Poo Head. But what happens when you combine poo-like behaviour with actual poo? Well The Big J was lucky enough to find out when these two things (which should never be combined), resulted in an Atomic Wedgie.

The other day I came home from gym to find Rei Baby bathed and in new clothes. I asked The Big J what was going on “Atomic Wedgie. She gave herself an Atomic Wedgie”…

An Atomic Wedgie occurs when you are changing a poo nappy and baby decides to grab that nappy and fling it above her head. The Big J had only just released the sides of the nappy, when Rei Baby’s hand flew in, clutched the top edge and flung it high. The only problem was the nappy was filled with poo. Lots and lots of sloppy poo. This resulted in a poo streak running all the way up her body, across her face and into her hair. Already being a Poo Head (where she thinks everything she does is funny and non-annoying, so she must do more and more while we cry “Stop! No! No nooooo!!!”) Rei Baby found the whole thing hilarious. I can only imagine The Big J frantically running around, trying to stop further poo destruction, whilst cleaning up the mess at the same time.

That my friends, is an Atomic Wedgie.

I can not tell you how many times he’ll be changing a nappy when I hear an all too familiar cry “Mayday! Mayday! I need help down here! Rei – nooooooo!”. I do not know what it is, but she always pees just after he’s taken the nappy off, and sometimes poops too. Often I walk in to find him catching poo, as it’s hatched, in baby wipes. Yikes!

Really though, I am lucky that all things considered, when he’s home, The Big J changes about 80% of nappies. Me *sniffs the air* “No I can’t smell anything…”

What about you, do you have a terrifying poo story? Not about your poo (YUK!), but what’s the worst poo incident you experienced with the kids?

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