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April 2016 Planner

Free printable April 2016 Planner

Free printable April 2016 Planner | www.whatdandidnext.com

There was a time when I prided myself on my organisation skills and my ability just to get shit done. I was a planner. But then somewhere along the winding path that is life, this skill slipped into the pile of “I used to…”. After my mystery virus that rounded out 2015, I have been determined to get back into the swing of living a full, organised life. To help with this, I’ve been doing up a planner for the last few months, and it’s making a HUGE difference to organising our household, priorities and social life. This month I decided to share my April 2016 Planner with you guys.

I’m going through a bit of a girly phase at the moment, so the April 2016 Planner is all about being pretty, in soft watercolours.Free printable April 2016 Planner | www.whatdandidnext.comAt the beginning of each month, I’ll print one of these out and pop all of our important events on to the planner. With The Big J being a shift worker, Tupperware parties, appointments and social events, I can add it all on to our planner, stick it on the fridge, and know at a glance what’s coming up.

You can print your own free copy of the April 2016 Planner here.

Do you have any tips for being organised around the house? Especially with a busy, messy toddler around? Do you use a planner or just wing it? I’d love to hear how you cope. I’m just starting to manage a few extra chores each week now (nap times are my time to shine!), but I will continue to look for other ways to help me get, and stay, organised.

Enjoy the April 2016 Planner!

Free printable April 2016 Planner | click through for free download | www.whatdandidnext.com

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