Hi! Thanks for dropping by What Dan Did Next to learn a little about me.

Last year along came Rei Baby and I went from being a working girl to a stay at home Mum. I thought that I’d be happy just chilling out and relaxin’ with my bebe and then she started sleeping though the night. Then the day. And I got bored.

Sure I could clean the house, iron the clothes, bake a cake or do some exercise, but no. That’s just not tickling my fancy. So what do I do? I went and started this here blog. What Dan Did Next.

TripticSo who is Dan? Well here’s a little bit about myself:

  • I live on the beautiful Gold Coast with hubby, The Big J and Rei Baby.
  • I am very eco conscious and try to live in tune with nature and eliminate harsh chemicals from my life. Except when it comes to spiders when I turn into a shrieking banshee demanding they all die die die. I actually left The Big J once because he didn’t kill one & then we couldn’t find it and I started envisioning the spider stalking me from the shadows, slowly driving me crazy… That’s the only time we’ve ever separated but it was only for a few hours until he hunted it down.
  • In addition to my spider phobia I’m also ridiculously scared of birds. I think my worst nightmare would be me stuck between a bird eating spider and its prey.
  • I just googled bird eating spider and discovered it is the 2nd largest spider in the world behind the giant huntsman. Giant Huntsman. GIANT HUNTSMAN. GIANT HUNTSMAN!
  • I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts, but have never put much effort into incorporating the arts in to my life. But I do love me some DIY.
  • My dream is to build a career where I can be creative and work from home, a goal that I’m currently working towards.

So now you know a little bit about me, I’d love to hear about you. Feel free to leave a message below or start up a convo over on my Facebook page.

Look how SUPER CHUBBY I was when pregnant with Rei Baby!


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  1. Your mum

    love all you blog about!

    1. whatdandidnext@outlook.comwhatdandidnext@outlook.com (Post author)

      Ha haa, you have to Mum it’s part of being a Mum! Thanks though, glad you are enjoying it xxx

    2. whatdandidnext@outlook.comwhatdandidnext@outlook.com (Post author)

      I just noticed your new email address ‘dansmum’ very good 🙂

  2. Gail Watson.

    Hi Dan! Finally got around to checking out your website. And I love it! Love that you want to be a sahm. If any one could achieve this, it’s you. Keep up the good work on the website. Love the colours and pictures!

    I’m trying to find inspiration to return to work after my leave finishes, which is very soon; so I understand you’re drive to stay at home and earn a living.

    Will be following you….


    1. DanielleDanielle (Post author)

      Thank you Gail! I’m loving all of the comments too 🙂 Being a SAHM would be so amazing, I just have to find a niche that I’m good at and go, go, go… I can’t believe that it’s been a year for you already, but you have done some pretty big things over the past year already. I’ve loved watching your travels. Thanks again for the support and follow, it means a lot x


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