Hi! Thanks for dropping by What Dan Did Next to learn a little about me.

Last year along came Rei Baby and I went from being a working girl to a stay at home Mum. I thought that I’d be happy just chilling out and relaxin’ with my bebe and then she started sleeping though the night. Then the day. And I got bored.

Sure I could clean the house, iron the clothes, bake a cake or do some exercise, but no. That’s just not tickling my fancy. So what do I do? I went and started this here blog. What Dan Did Next.




So who is Dan? Well here’s a little bit about myself:

  • I live on the beautiful Gold Coast with hubby, The Big J and Rei Baby.
  • I am very eco conscious and try to live in tune with nature and eliminate harsh chemicals from my life. Except when it comes to spiders when I turn into a shrieking banshee demanding they all die die die. I actually left The Big J once because he didn’t kill one & then we couldn’t find it and I started envisioning the spider stalking me from the shadows, slowly driving me crazy… That’s the only time we’ve ever separated but it was only for a few hours until he hunted it down.
  • In addition to my spider phobia I’m also ridiculously scared of birds. I think my worst nightmare would be me stuck between a bird eating spider and its prey.
  • I just googled bird eating spider and discovered it is the 2nd largest spider in the world behind the giant huntsman. Giant Huntsman. GIANT HUNTSMAN. GIANT HUNTSMAN!
  • I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts, but have never put much effort into incorporating the arts in to my life. But I do love me some DIY.
  • My dream is to build a career where I can be creative and work from home, a goal that I’m currently working towards.

So now you know a little bit about me, I’d love to hear about you. Feel free to leave a message below or start up a convo over on my Facebook page.


Look how SUPER CHUBBY I was when pregnant with Rei Baby!

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