Making Money Blogging

7 Steps To Start Making Money Blogging

Like many others, I started blogging as a hobby. Something to fill in my spare time. But as more and more time goes by, and I’m still totally in love with blogging, I started wondering if I could make money doing what I love. So after much (and I do mean much) research, I’ve put together a list of steps to prepare your blog for monetisation –7 Steps To Start Making Money Blogging

If you’ve ever thought “I want to make money blogging but my blog’s just not ready yet”, then 7 Steps To Start Making Money Blogging is for you. This post isn’t about how I’m making money blogging, but about the steps I have taken to prepare my blog to make money. Make sense?

I have spent weeks trawling the internet, completing courses and making little adjustments all to prepare my blog for monetisation. Luckily though, you can save a bunch of time because I’ve got the steps listed here, just for you. Who wouldn’t want to earn money from their blog – hobby or otherwise? The Big J for one would be completely ecstatic if my hobby bought home some bacon… In the words of Homer J Simpson “Mmmmm, Bacon…”.

7 Steps To Start Making Money Blogging

1. Review & Update Your Blog

Are you happy with the way your blog works? How about the way it looks? If you’re not happy with your blog in it’s current state, then why should anyone invest their time or product in it? Over the 6 months since I first started this here blog (wowser has it been 6 months already???), What Dan Did Next has undertaken a number of changes. I’ve updated my theme twice (the 1st theme was not responsive for smart phones and tablets & the 2nd theme wasn’t WooCommerce compatible), changed my header image (about 6 times – each new theme didn’t quite fit the image then deciding on one that I liked took some trial), swapped fonts about a million trillion times (no, that’s definitely not an exaggeration) and have gone back to improve the SEO on some of my most popular posts (like this Bandana Bib Tutorial).

My point is, your blog is a product that you want to sell, so make sure that you are happy with it first.

2. Add a Shop

After uni (that’s my Bachelor of Visual Arts, or what The Big J calls the most useless uni degree available even though Yahoo Finance suggests otherwise – winning!) I was super keen to start making and selling handmade items. But for one reason or another, I just never quite got there. Over the years my passion for arts (and my hard earnt abilities) may have dropped off but my creative crafting spirit has carried on. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a shop to What Dan Did Next for sometime, and after a few roadblocks, I’ve finally done it.

I went with WooCommerce for WordPress and although it’s relatively new to my site, I’m loving it’s ease of use. Although I wasted a fair bit of time initially before I realised that my theme was not WooCommerce compatible, I have changed themes and found it really easy to use. Feel free to check out my shop

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