Template 13: 2015 Calendar for PDF, 1 page, portrait orientation, in color

2015 Printable Calendar

Print this bold black and white calendar & display it on a clip board for a modern, chic look.

The Big J and I have a bit of a tradition when it comes to calendars.  Each year we wait until January when the calendars have been discounted (you’ll understand why in a minute) and we head down to the shopping centre to buy one. We get there, we look at the stand, we um and ah, walk away, grab a drink/eats/movie before coming back to um and ah some more. We’ll each find a calendar we love only to have the other shoot it down (we’re a traditional one-calendar family after all). Then we’ll each try and find a second choice that we love and think the other might tolerate as well. Of course, this choice is shot down too. So the um-ing and ah-ing continues until eventually one of us (The Big J) cracks it, and we end up grabbing the most tolerable calendar within reach. Needless to say, neither of us is ever particularly fond of the calendar. Luckily, we only have to look at it for every single freaking day of the next year. So this year we are doing things a bit differently. We are doing a 2015 printable calendar. Yay!

When I mentioned my plans of a 2015 printable calendar to The Big J, he suggested I include photos of Rei Baby. No. Just NO! Because whilst I love my little Rei Baby to pieces (I really do – go and check out the baby spam on my instagram account if you need proof), I feel no desire to include her picture on 1000 (ok 12) different pages of my calendar. In my house that type of calendar is reserved for two things:

  1. Nannys (not for christmas this year though – you are getting the pleasure of us living within driving distance), and
  2. Fridge magnet calendars (I know, I know, I know – we all prefer our fridge magnet calendars to solely represent our local pollies and real estate agents but I think the occasional baby fridge calendar can be overlooked).

So, no. Rei Baby calendars will not be trending in our 2015 home.

2015 Printable Calendar

One trend that I’m keen to explore in 2015 (just so there’s no confusion, that’s my how-fantastic-I-don’t-live-in-Mackay-anymore life) is bold typography. Next year I’ll be looking at typography as decor – wall prints, cushions, mugs and tea towels. Whilst the we’re-moving-really-soon budget is limiting me from currently purchasing anything other than groceries (I think I’m actually getting closer to insanity with each passing day btw), I can make my own 2015 printable calendar.

Black and white and bold typography is so hot right now (if you’re unsure of the trend check out the Blacklist Studio range –  so cool!). And probably because I’m still dreaming of that warehouse/loft that I one day want to live in, I’m also a huge fan of industrial chic. So what could be more perfect than a bold fonted, black and white calendar printed on A4 and mounted on an old school clipboard (is it totally lame that I just had to google the difference between old school and old skool???).

2015 Printable A4 Calendar

The other great thing is it didn’t even cost me a thing because I stocked up on clipboards earlier this year (is that possibly the reason why I’m on such a strict budget now…). If you’re after the same look then feel free to print a copy of the calendar for yourself. The clipboard was only a few dollars (mine is from Office Works for $3.58) so all up this calendar cost less than $5 to make. And it’s EXACTLY what I want.

You can print my calendar here:


Here’s a quick look at the bold layout. Each page is individually printed on to an A4 piece of paper.

Print this bold black and white calendar & display it on a clip board for a modern, chic look.


Interested in designing your own calendar? If you have Microsoft Word you’re in luck because it has a range of calendar templates that you can use. That means you don’t have to faff around figuring out if February has 28 or 29 days, or if Christmas is on Thursday or Friday (it’s a Friday in 2015 so extra long weekend = yay!). Another great thing about the templates is that they are editable (pop in any important dates) and there are spots for you to add photos (but only if you’re in to that sort of thing). There’s a huge range of software available that allows you to design and print your own calendar, or you can use a printing company like Vistaprint for a glossier finish.

2015 Planners & Diaries

I could not complete this post without mentioning 2015 planners/diaries. There are some truly amazing planners/diaries being released for 2015, so no, I will not be making my own for under $5 (though I do dream of designing one for future years…). I have my heart set on the 2015 Design Love Planner (available through Adore Magazine in Australia), but sadly the only way I’m getting it (or anything else) for christmas this year would be via crowd funding. Not since Doogie Howser MD have I wanted a diary this bad…

It would be wrong to start a crowd funding campaign just to get my hands on a 2015 planner, wouldn’t it? Even if it is THE MOST AMAZING PLANNER EVER CREATED. Seriously, check it out:

Design Love Planner 2015


Must. Get. Out. Of. Mackay.

An awesome planner will be mine in 2016.

For now though, I know my 2015 printable calendar will rock my walls on the Goldy

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